Longhorn is aware of the effect new ideas can have on buying impulse. The challenge is to envision your product on a mass scale. With our pre-press solutions, we close the gap between the idea and the final printed product. Outstanding design is a trademark of Longhorn Packaging from initial design, full color proofs to completed artwork.

Longhorn's Art Department is equipped with the newest hardware and software specialized for the graphic design industry. In-house printers provide realistic proofs of finished artwork, which allow the customer to accurately preview and evaluate the "look" of the finished package.

Before your job goes to our printing presses, each printing plate is accurately mounted using micro-dot registration. Our flexo plate mounter is equipped with an LCD Monitor which displays an enlarged image of the plate shot using the built-in camera.

Each plate is pre-proofed once mounted on the cylinder in order to verify that all copy and measurements are as they should be. This technology assures that each job will be printed correctly, preventing downstream problems on your packaging machinery.