Longhorn Star Packaging is committed to sustainability in our products and business practices. Contributing to a better quality of life for our customers, our employees and our community is the goal. Therefore, careful consideration is taken to minimize Longhorn's impact on the environment. By partnering with our customer, we can achieve maximum sustainable practices and at the same achieve cost savings.

Longhorn engages in responsible material sourcing and use of resources. We have active management processes and practices that incorporate environmental, health, and safety considerations into equipment selection and operation, raw material acquisitions, and our production processes. We regularly seek to reduce waste, elimate as many VOCs as possible, find ways to reuse and recycle, and use energy more efficiently.

Longhorn Star Packaging received an Environmental Stewardship Award from Orion Energy Systems for our recent lighting retrofit project. Annually, the project is expected to avoid 31 tons of airborne pollutants and displace 47,877 kWh of power. The annual energy reduction equates to planting 9 acres of trees.